15 year old singer/songwriter Logan Spaleta arrives with his debut single release “next year” on November 16th.

Performing regularly since the age of 7 with a keyboard and his voice, Logan has amassed skills, experiences and an emotional intelligence that transcend his limited time on earth. With nods from artists like Sean Lennon, Bad Suns and Daniel Powter, Logan is determined to break into the pop / rock circuit that he discovered by spinning his parents’ favorite records (Billy Joel and Green Day). 

In “next year” Logan offers up a yearning, introspective ballad with an unassuming vulnerability that could cut through the hardest of hearts right from the first note.

His upcoming EP, Without a Care in the World, Produced by Ben Pleasant (Lackhoney, Theo Kandel) and mastered by Tess Greenham (Clearlight Mastering) will arrive in March 2022.