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The Dumes first appeared to front-woman Elodie Tomlinson as a mirage on the horizon during a shroom-fueled bike ride up the California coastline. One by one, she conjured the colors to paint that mirage into focus that would cut through the noise; a feeling she understood all too well as one of seven siblings growing up. This intense focus along with Elodie’s full bodied and urgent voice drew in like-minded musicians to fill out the picture. Chris Dunn’s authoritative drumming drives in lockstep with Liam McCormack’s seeking, yet bold presence on bass. Peter Recine and Kyle Biane’s guitar lines intertwine, swinging from raucous to melodic, with a great sense of unity throughout each song. The Dumes have just begun crafting their own story, in their own voice, to striking effect.

The Dumes’ upcoming EP, ‘Everything Is Horrible,’ was produced by GRAMMY-winning producer Joe Chiccarelli (The Strokes, Cherry Glazerr, The Killers) at the legendary Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood, CA. Chiccarelli’s dedication to capturing the band’s live in-studio performances and making the bare minimum of edits perfectly documents the sound of The Dumes in full-flight. With sessions wrapping just hours before a lockdown was issued, the recordings captured the nervous energy forged in possibly the most unique, trying time in modern history. The struggle to overcome is evident in each note committed to tape.

Elodie Tomlinson

Kyle Biane

Chris Dunn

Liam McCormack

Peter Recine

The Dumes
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