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​Based in NYC and founded by music industry veterans Matthew Reich and Neal Saini, AFA is a Talent and Marketing Agency with a focus on social impact events run BY artists FOR artists.

With clients as diverse as breakthrough artists, world leaders, CEOs, innovative music companies, films and causes, AFA has carved out its niche in bringing the worlds of talent, marketing and social impact together.

  • Matthew Reich
    Neal Saini

    ​It all started freshman year of high school when Matthew and Neal started bashing it out in the band room. A fun after school adventure of writing and producing original music would eventually take them on a journey from talent shows and local venues to major tours across the world where they were able to release records, perform on radio/TV and have the full-fledged artist experience that shaped and informed their careers.

    Prior to founding AFA, Matthew was VP of DASVentures, Ltd where he oversaw The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and John Lennon Songwriting Contest with a focus on developing partnerships, programming, artist relations, operations and producing live events/festival experiences with companies such as Apple, Canon, Gibson and Juniper Networks while working with notable figures such as Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr, Jeff Bridges, Wu-Tang Clan, George Clinton and more.

    Prior to founding AFA, Neal worked at Warner Music Group for 12 years in the Artist Services division, servicing all the labels under the WMG umbrella with a specific focus on VIP Fan Experiences, Merchandise and Partnerships. Neal spearheaded partnerships with Shawn Mendes and Fuji Film, Gene Simmons and John Varvatos while building out the WWE VIP Experience across all their entertainment brands. He has worked on global tours for Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa, Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Melanie Martinez and more.

    After years working in parallel, Matthew and Neal decided to come back together to create AFA. Matthew and Neal’s rare 360-degree view of the industry has made them uniquely qualified to manage the logistics, operations, revenue growth and creative vision for hundreds of successful campaigns. The ability to intuitively understand key stakeholders’ needs and perspectives drive their passion and determination. At its core, AFA is a fierce advocate for bringing positive change to the world through creativity.

    • Sammy Hagar

    • Sheryl Crow

    • Billie Eilish

    • Shawn Mendes

    • Ringo Starr

    • Peter Frampton

    • The Doors

    • The Warning

    • Talib Kweli

    • Jason Bonham

    • Nile Rodgers

    • Wu-Tang Clan

    • Bartees Strange

    • Third Eye Blind

    • Sheila E

    • Ronnie Spector

    • Yoko Ono Lennon

      • Concerts & Festivals

      • Trade-shows and Conferences

      • Corporate Events

      • TV & Film Premieres

      • Virtual Meet & Greets

      • Virtual Events (Live Podcasts, Book Signings, Interviews)

      • Production, Backline, Stage Management

      • Talent procurement & curation

      • Budget management

      • Ticketing & VIP Experiences

      • Merch Design, Sourcing, Production and Fulfillment (Domestic and International)

      • Social Media Strategy

      • PR, Storytelling & Communication strategy

      • Onsite Media, Red Carpets, Press Conferences

      • Media Coverage Tracking & Analysis

      • Earned Media Campaigns / Digital ads deployment

      • Brand and Creative Strategy

      • Sponsorship/Partnership Activation and Pitching

      • Social Impact Strategy

      • Fundraising Strategy and Implementation

      • Website Design and Layout

      • Release Strategy and Timeline

      • Distribution Administration

      • Rights Management and Registration

      • DSP Pitching and Strategy

      • Digital ads

      • Social, Admat and Artwork Creative

      • Management Consultation

      • Video Campaign (Vevo, Youtube)

      • Creative Consultation (composition, songwriting and artwork)

      • Vinyl Production

      • Photography: Live Content, Product Shots, Editing

      • Videography: Sizzle Reels, Commercials, Music Videos, Live Concerts, Docu-Series

      • Live Streaming

      • Social Content

      • Branded Content

      • Pitch Deck Building and Design

  • Artist For Artist

    101 Leonard St., Suite 5B

    New York, NY 10013

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